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TCK-BX55 and BX65 Portable Wire Rope Tester

TCK-BX55 and BX65 Portable Wire Rope Tester

Apave is in the risk control business and provides a complete range of technical and intellectual services in the areas of inspection, assistance, buildings, tests & measurements, training and consulting. All are designed to enhance the safety of people and property and optimize the performance of organizations.

In that contest Apave keeps investing in new technologies to ensure high level customers protection and optimization.

Newest edition to our fleet of high tech equipment is TCK-BX55 and BX65 Portable Wire Rope Testers ISO: 9001:2008 Qualified.

By using the  TCK-BX55/BX65 Portable Wire Rope Tester we will be able to inspect wire rope sizes from 20mm to 52mm diameter and:

  • eliminate hidden-danger that exists in the working process
  • reduce wire rope cost & improve productivity
  • longer and safer use of customers equipment


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