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About Us

Apave was founded in 1867 in order to ensure the best conditions for control and use of steam boilers.
147 years of expertise dedicated to risk management. The activities of APAVE in the international sites cover all the basic skills which are the inspection, technical assistance, lifting inspections and rigging shop, consulting and training, in the sectors of inspection and technical assistance, testing and metrology lab, building and civil engineering, consultancy, training.

Apave is also very active in development projects: infrastructures, water and wastewater treatment, energy control, rural electrication, regulations
and standardization, quality of products and systems. These elds are covered through technical services as well as institutional support and
capacity reinforcement.

Direct actions requiring the implication of the technical center complete the range of services oered by the various subsidiaries settled on the
geographical zones below:


Hess - Lifting Inspections

Apave Ghana is providing Lifting Inspections services for HESS.



Tubular & Lifting

Apave Ghana is providing Tubular and Lifting inspection services for STE ...


Crane Inspections

Crane Inspections services provided for MOBI CRANE in Ghana



Tubular & Calibration

Tubular inspections services as well as Calibration services provided for&nbs ...

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